Jackson Lodging Co

Monay Olsen is the owner of Jackson Lodging Co, Premier Green Cleaning and the Elk Refuge Inn which are all part of The Shine Group. She is driven by business, quality housing for her staff, sustainability, her family and her boys' baseball games. She is a Real Estate Broker.

Kimberly Hunter is the General Manager of Jackson Lodging Co and is passionate about property. She is a Certified Estate Manager and Realtor with a background in advertising, private service and innkeeping. She has over 10,000 hours in volunteerism including ski patrol for the 2002 Winter Olympics, tsunami relief in Banda Ache, Indonesia and Onagawa, Japan. She has often been a nationally ranked swimmer and held many Utah state records. Somewhere in there she raised 7 kids and is thrilled that her 11 grandchildren are paying it forward with their parents. She used to make awesome oatmeal cookies, but now that she's gluten-free, they're not worth eating. Someday, you'll have to ask her how all that came about.